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Finally the Hulet bag is here after long anticipation

The Hulet is for the woman who wants it all in the most luxurious and polished way possible. The unique design-approach challenges material, composition and style conventions- dr.awing on the dualistic, yet balanced lifestyle of the modern woman.

Kamilah Willacy wanted to wholly incorporate her brand and personal ethos into this collection. The brand is known to work with non-conventional materials such as marble, acrylic and fine jewelry to create well-edited evening bags and minaudieres. Her personal philosophy emphasizes the rejection of expectations and encourages empowerment through living creatively. The Hulet collection speaks to both. The finest materials for the The Hulet are sourced from Italy but produced in New York, a city that represents the potential of creative pluralism.

Hulet means “two” in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia, which is a nod to the designer’s roots and to the two bag concepts that merge for a complete and singular idea. The Hulet is composed of a snake chain drawstring-bag seamlessly anchored by a more formal evening clutch compartment. The bag is further elevated by the butter-soft lambskin leather juxtaposed with  gold metal frame details. Available in a wide range of leather colors in stores worldwide; The Hulet daringly flirts with the sporty, classic and glamorous.  The look and feel is an invitation to be all, gracefully. 

Pre-Order your Hulet bag online in our 3 most requested colors

Black, Taupe/Clay, and Red

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