Kamilah Willacy,Originally an architect student, left her hometown of

Bethesda Maryland for New York, where she began modeling not knowing that she would be greatly inspired by the designers she modeled for and would eventually lead her to a successful career in the fashion industry.

 Kamilah decided to enroll at FIT, before transferring to Polimoda in Milan where she completed her studies.

During Kamilah’s time in Milan, she leveraged her experience in the fashion industry by working for several handbag production and fashion houses in Milan and Arezzo Italy.

Her journey to success continued upon her return to New York as she worked as a hat designer which were sold in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Nordstrom.

It wasn’t long before Kamilah realized that she wanted to combine her interest for fashion with her architectural knowledge to create truly unique one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. To make the dream of her own collection a reality, Kamilah went back to her architectural roots for greater influence. She collaborated with residential and commercial developers by designing condominiums throughout New York City as well as worked with furniture design firms such as Italian based B&B Italia.

Kamilah believes her design sense acquired through fashion along with her architectural background helped her create innovative spaces; and it was that same combination of fashion and architecture that led to the birth of her brand. “This combination has allowed me to cleverly incorporate both structural and fashion knowledge into works of art,” explains the designer.

Kamilah’s use of unconventional materials such as real architectural steel, resin poured glass finishes, natural resources such as wood and marbles and an array of materials used to build spaces are used in her handbags. The results are works of art that are feminine, functional and made to last.

All bags are produced independently in house at our design facilities located in the heart of New York.

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